Gun Smith ShopYou bought the perfect firearm; the one you fell in love with. Or, maybe you just bought the firearm you could afford at the time. Either way, over time, you have no doubt learned more about guns in general, and more about what you would like your firearm to do for you. Our gunsmith services can bring your firearm back to its original condition, and help you make enhancement that will improve your shooting experience.

Safety First

First, we focus on safety. We will make sure your gun fires as it should, that each part is present, clean, unbroken, and working properly. We will check for cracks, barrel alignment, and timing issues. In short, we’ll check out the whole gun.

Then, we make it better.

Maybe there are accessories you want to add to your firearm. Maybe you just want to make it look better than the original. We offer a full range of gun accessories for pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Let our experienced staff help customize and outfit your firearm to your personal taste.

Give us a call, or stop by the shop and let’s talk more about how to make your shooting experience, or gun collection, the best it can possibly be.