Gun Shop ServicesOur staff of experienced gun enthusiast are available to share their knowledge about our products and how to get the best use of your purchases. We also have gun shop services including gun-smithing, gun repair, gun cleaning, gun transfer of ownership and firearms training.

Gun Smith ShopYou bought the perfect firearm; the one you fell in love with. Or, maybe you just bought the firearm you could afford at the time. Either way, over time, you have no doubt learned more about guns in general, and more about what you would like your firearm to do for you. Our gunsmith services can bring your firearm back to its original condition, and help you make enhancement that will improve your shooting experience.

Gun Transfer of OwnershipWe are all here because we love guns; guns for hunting,  guns for shooting sports, or guns just for collecting. There are, however, certain laws which we all must abide by when it comes to transferring ownership of those firearms. Whether you’re accepting delivery of a firearm from a manufacturer or transferring ownership from another owner, we offer Pinellas County’s easiest and most convenient Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfer service.

Whether you are out hunting, shooting for recreation, or just a collector, knowing that your gun is going to fire when you pull the trigger is likely at the top of your priority list. But it doesn’t stop there. You want your gun to fire, and fire well. You want the timing just right, and the feel of the trigger to match the day you bought it. You’ve spent time learning every inch of your firearm, and you want it all to function exactly as it should.

Firearms TrainingOur experienced staff offers firearms training to help you become more proficient with your weapon. Contact us to find out when the next firearms training class begins.

Gun CleaningOver time, through ordinary use, contaminates can fill the inner space of your firearm which can cause it to malfunction. Regular maintenance can not only extend the life of your gun, but ensure that it fires properly year after year.